We are SIBS Romania and for over 26 years we have been a reliable partner for financial institutions and retail companies in Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Lithuania.

Our mission, together with our partners, is to digitize payments in Romania and in the region. Our values ​​are trust, innovation and excellence.

SIBS Romania solutions are built based on the latest global trends and on the needs of our partners, assuring high quality and security. We are always close both to merchants who want to improve the services offered to their customers, as well as to the financial institutions looking for easy and safe solutions for their partners.

We offer payment processing services, physical and virtual card issuance and personalization, ATM and POS outsourcing services, 3D Secure services and innovative solutions such as POS Sharing (integration of payment applications of several banks and financial institutions on a single POS terminal) or Soft POS (tap-on-phone solution that turns NFC-compatible Android devices into contactless payment terminals).

We implement state-of-the-art payment solutions for our customers, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, VDCA, e-wallet platforms or P2P tokenization and transfer services.

We are partners in some of the most important loyalty programs for retail and banking in Romania and we offer complete solutions for the implementation and development of projects.

SIBS solutions are customized, scalable and benefit from our constant support, from idea to implementation. We remain close to our partners even after the completion of projects through support services, maintenance and contact center.

We turn the needs of our partners into solutions. We are SIBS Romania-Partner in payments.

SIBS Romania, alongside Romcard SA , is part of SIBS Group. SIBS Romania has the headquarter in Bucharest, Romania.

In 2021, Supercard Solutions & Services, leading company in retail loyalty solutions on the Romanian market and a member of SIBS group, merged with SIBS Romania. All Supercard projects are currently being managed by SIBS Romania.


Romcard is now part of SIBS Group, and the website is now part of the SIBS Romania website.