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The White label Wallet HCE (Host Card Emulated) offered by SIBS Romania allows the registration of any type of cards in a digital wallet and can be customized according to the vision of each bank.

The solution offers multiple functionalities: biometric authentication, registration and change of personal data and contact details, balance view, transaction history, show virtual bank account number for wire transfer (SEPA credit), top-up methods (credit card, SEPA direct debit etc.), show card details for online acquisitions (PAN, expiration date, CVV), KYC upgrade (upload ID documents to verify identity), customer support information as well as optional features.


VDCA (Visa Digital Commerce App) is a white label wallet by Visa, ideal for banks that want to offer their clients a modern, secure and fast payment system. The solution is available in several languages and benefits of maximum payment security, guaranteed by VISA.

SIBS Romania offers support for implementing the wallet solution VDCA.


Apple Pay and Google Pay are state-of-the-art private label wallet solutions, that allow iOS and Android to shop quickly and securely at the cash register, in apps or on websites.

SIBS Romania offers complete services for a quick implementation of Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, allowing consumers to pay by mobile phone easily, quickly and safely, whether they are in a store, using public transportation or shopping online. The payment process is based on the Apex Mobile Services Platform, highly secured thanks to the Visa and Mastercard security technology, that replaces the confidential card payment data with a digital unique identifier and protects against fraud.

The services offered by SIBS Romania also include the deployment of the Apex Crypto, in order to handle the Google Pay and Apple Pay requirements for One Time Password, as well as the implementation of the Apex Green, as per Google Pay and Apple Pay provisioning fraud requirements.


SIBS Romania is a token requestor and a token services provider for partners.

The tokenization of VISA (VISA Token Services) and Mastercard (MDES for merchants) is a security technology that replaces cardholder information, such as account numbers and expiration dates, with a unique digital identifier (a “token”) that can be used for payment without exposing a cardholder’s more sensitive account information.

The tokenization hides consumer’s confidential account information during digital transactions, making digital payments more secure.





Cards4u is a wallet loyalty application, developed and managed by SIBS Romania, that offers multiple advantages to both the merchant and the cardholder. Cards4u is available for iPhone and Android devices and is very easy to install and use.

The application allows users to issue a loyalty card from their favorite brand, directly from the application, and benefit from relevant promotions in real time.

SIBS Romania offers support for the integration in the solution as well as dedicated management services: constant communication and collaboration with the partner’s marketing department, publication of offers and campaigns in the application and on the dedicated Cards4Uapp Facebook page, reports and statistics, upon request, the necessary logistic elements, event promotions through the Cards4Uapp application, changing the buttons or the questionnaire for the extended profile, a dedicated IT team, a dedicated team for marketing support, creation and advertising.


The White Label Wallet for Merchants is a wallet platform, optimized for both standard PC’s and mobile browsers, that allows contactless payments from the digital wallet, card provisioning (storage of encrypted card data) and token life cycle management.

The system consists of a software platform, with a web and a recurrent interface, that ensures online payment transactions using cards issued under VISA and Mastercard. Some of the features include biometry authentication, cards tokenization, top-up methods between bank cards, top-up from another cards issuers (after the e-commerce license is acquired), mobile app integration and back-end integration. PSD2 exemptions are supported. The solution can be tailored to bank’ specifications, with focus on client journey.

The web interface allows the cardholder to store multiple cards into the wallet, including loyalty cards, to make online shopping through bank cards and offline shopping through loyalty cards, to make payment transactions by only selecting the card number alias and to administrate all related information (add, modify, delete card details). The operations can also be performed using a mobile application developed for this purpose.

The recurrent interface allows the cardholders to establish a recurrent plan for the monthly invoices.

The white label wallet for merchants can be downloaded from Google Play / AppStore and optimized for smartphone with iOS 4.3 or newer and Android 2.2 or newer. For other operating systems, the application can be opened by phone browser, providing access to the main features. SMS alerts and emails regarding transactions are available.




SIBS Romania offers complete services for implementing payment solutions based on QR, RFID and NFC technologies including consultancy, software application, acquisitions of tags, cards, NFC and card readers, solution management, personalization of cards and tags, as well as web hosting services for the applications.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) solution enables consumers to make payments at all NFC compatible checkouts and is based on a contactless card technology that allows payment cards to communicate with the NFC readers, via chip and antenna.

The QR (Quick Response) solution enables mobile payment via smartphone, by scanning a QR code.

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution enables data transmission between a card / device with RFID chip and a reader device. The data connection is enabled as soon as the cardholder enters a designated space.


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