Loyalty Solutions




We offer financial institutions a large number of options for the loyalty solutions – credit card, installments, prepaid, close loop or virtual, with various benefits to bank’s customers: bonus, discounts, cashback, gifts, loyalty points or installments, through internet banking or automatic based on MCC / TCC.

Our solution can be easily integrated in the bank cards system and offers banks the possibility to define the campaigns at customer level, merchant level or product level, as well as to use several databases to parameterize campaigns, to simulate campaigns before launch and to monitor campaign results based on detailed reports.


We offer merchants tailor-made loyalty solutions, with prepaid bank cards or non-bank cards (myfare), with advantages for the end customer (bonus, cashback, loyalty points etc.), in various formats (mini card, special format, standard PVC, carton or ABS plastic, with hologram, metallic colors or embossing).

Our loyalty solution includes all services, from consulting to card production and personalization, software solution, database management, production and mailing of printing material, SMS and direct mailing, support for obtaining legal approvals for personal data processing and call center communication.

On request we can produce promotional materials and accompanying information that can be sent with the card.




Sphere Pay is a closed loop solution based on a contactless card/bracelet, ideal for companies that organize events, for malls or any other closed-circuit areas, where access and payments need to be done in a simple, fast and secure way.

We offer complete services for the implementation of Sphere Pay solution: counseling to choose the most appropriate solution, personalization of components, integration of the solution into the existing system, dedicated web for card / bracelet management, infrastructure, production & personalization for cards and chosen packaging, reports, contact center support services with a 24 / 7 dedicated line, direct marketing campaigns. Optional system components, such as a mobile app or a kiosk with identification, top-up or payout services, are also available if requested.

The contactless card / bracelet are available for both persons and companies and easy to use. Each partner store / payment point uses a special POS from SIBS or a SIBS mobile application downloaded to the merchant’s NFC terminal, thus allowing the card / bracelet user to receive receipts for purchases made (paper or electronic).

The card / bracelet can have a personalized design, can come in a variety of stylish packaging, are reloadable and can contain multiple secure elements, upon request.

The user-friendly Cloud Portal Backoffice allows partner to manage the entire system, view relevant statistics and transaction details, process top-ups for cards or bracelets, and much more.




SIBS Romania offers the Prepaid Gift Card solution, a new and innovative solution in our country, which contributes to increasing the customer portfolio and the market visibility of the partners.

The prepaid gift card solution involves issuing a gift card under the Visa / Mastercard logo and can be issued by banks even in partnership with certain pre-established merchants (e.g. malls, gas stations, hotels, retailers etc.) that are able to decide which working points accept payments made with these cards.

The solution offers the possibility to build loyalty campaigns per group of merchants, periods of the year or customer categories, so the end user can benefit from discounts on purchases, bonuses, loyalty points or the possibility of cash-back. The prepaid card allows multiple currencies and can be physical or virtual.

The services offered by our company include issuing cards with layout according to Mastercard / Visa security standards, assistance in creating and approving the card design by card organizations, defining / parameterizing the loyalty solution, administrating the application so it offers the possibility of campaigns management for merchants , monthly or on-demand reports, changes of parameters / setting in the platform of new campaigns, depending on the interpretation of business reports, definition of the interface with the bank for establishing the sales channels of the loyalty card and top-up variants.