POS Solutions



SOFT POS is a tap-on-phone solution that transforms any Android device (phone / tablet) into a payment terminal that can accept payments with any contactless solutions (card, phone etc.), without PIN or with PIN on Glass.

The solution is ideal both for bigger companies such as couriers, taxi companies, food delivery companies etc., as well as for small merchants. It is easy to use and can be integrated with the existing bank systems.

The solution has important advantages for banks: it allows them to access new geographical areas with a larger number of payment terminals in the territory and it streamlines the bank’s acquiring process by eliminating the costs for delivery, installation and maintenance of the terminal fleet.

The solution also offers many benefits for merchants, as it is easy to integrate into the existing POS management system, without the need for further developments, it is easy to manage and use and the merchants can access a platform for managing terminals in the territory, benefiting also of a ticketing system.

Soft POS offered by SIBS Romania is developed based on VISA / Mastercard / Amex standards, it is protected from external attacks, able to automatically delete data in case of attack and benefits from high encryption, white-box cryptography. During the payment process, protection is ensured by our certified contactless EMV L2 Kernel within EMV standards.



POS Sharing is a unique solution on the Romanian market that allows the integration of several banks’ payment applications on a single payment terminal (POS).

SIBS Romania provides a wide range of services: hardware acquisition, development of payment applications according to the requests of partner banks, support for the integration of POS Sharing solution with the merchant’s internal systems, TMS (terminal management system) – which offers the possibility to update remotely the entire fleet of terminals, processing for contact or contactless transactions (purchase, reimbursement, DCC, installments, own loyalty program), terminals stock management, maintenance and consumables. As value-added services, we offer consolidated reports for all transactions made through POS terminals, cash back acquisition, fraud monitoring and contact center 7/24 – Support level 2.

The solution benefits from the latest generation of POS terminals, with PCI DSS 4.X certification, and supports multiple communication protocols (dial up / GPRS / Ethernet).

The POS Sharing solution offered by SIBS Romania offers real advantages to the merchants: using a single POS terminal for several financial institutions, remote management for loyalty campaigns, a selective system for routing transactions, parameterizable according to the merchants’ requirements, lower transaction costs by increasing the percentage of ON-US transactions.




SIBS Romania offers complete services for the implementation of the mPOS solution: secured and certified payment terminals, a simple integration with the bank’s systems, fraud monitoring and exception processing, support for the implementation and certification of mPOS, Bluetooth and USB communication, multilingual support for messages to merchant and cardholder, simple messaging protocol to support transaction processing and administration function, P2PE encryption and a simple and flexible API for the mPOS system.

The solution is compliant with the PCI security rules and regulations VISA and Mastercard, fully EMV. Real-time settlement can be offered to merchants via prepaid cards.

The bank can access a wider range of merchants that receive various benefits through the solution: increased revenues through financial transactions independent of physical location, commercial transactions without electronic register or software, a better experience for end customers due to a faster cash register service for purchases or returns, several receipt options, operation on multiple global payment platforms, acceptance of electronic payments on mobile and / or physical point of sale.



Unattended POS is a solution that uses an unassisted terminal and allows payments anytime and anywhere, in a self-service system. The solution is easy to integrate with any automated system (parking meter, barrier, vending machine) and can be used indoors or outdoors.

SIBS Romania offers complete services for the implementation of the solution: consulting, ticketing system, software and hardware integration and final product design, Visa and Mastercard certification, API for software integration with any vending machine, GSM / GPRS communication package with secure private APN and dedicated VPN channel.

The bank can offer this solution to those traders who want lower costs by eliminating cash registers and human resources, reduced costs for consumables by using a single thermal printer and by printing just one receipt that includes data on sales and bank payments, less risks of errors than on a traditional POS and faster payments by accepting contactless cards.