Issuing / Acquiring




We offer card management services (issued both physical and virtual): debit, prepaid and credit card management, loyalty and rate mode, money-send / Visa Direct, reporting and statistics, online certification, fraud management, clearing & settlement, dispute management and contact center customer support.


SIBS offers a complex system for routing & switching transactions, performed through any POS devices, ATMs and for all network interfaces, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. National and international. Our services include EMV acquiring and issuing, transaction security via HSMs, CVC2 card verification, stand-in authorization, pass-through, check digit validation, expiry validation and PIN translation. Routing fully configurable based on any business requirement.


We offer an international electronic batch transaction clearing system for the exchange of interchange data between acquirers and issuers, generating and processing different outgoing / incoming files, sending the payment information to cards organizations, processing different incoming files in order to gather all the payments received by a specific issuer and generating different customized reports, based on clients’ request.


We offer complete card personalization services including BIN / Issuing EMV Certification management, card personalization (chip, magnetic tape, contactless), support for card acquisition, card stock management, materials needed for enveloping, key management and transportation services for Bucharest branches / locations via armored cars, in accordance with the Visa and Mastercard requirements.


We offer our partners support for the production and shipment of statements, welcome letters, electronic invoices and other documents, based on the requirements of partner companies, printing services in black, highlight or color, on letterhead, envelopes or other types of packing.


We offer PIN generation and printing, stock management and mailers, as well as PIN by SMS.





We offer POS solutions for all financial institutions and possible payment methods, that benefit of the right equipment for every requirement, in order to ensure safe and fast payments. Our platform is agnostic, so we can offer processing services for any brand / type of POS terminal.

Our POS operation services include EMV certification for Visa and Mastercard, support for all possible connectivity types such as TCP / IP, GPRS and dial-up, ticketing system, various POS management programs for loyalty campaigns, key management, an effective fraud management service, settlement file and disputes management, POS network management, a reporting platform for merchant and technical helpdesk.


We offer a complete POS outsourcing service. We deliver and install the equipment, set up the software and take care of all processes and maintenance and offer call center support for merchants. The POS network from SIBS Romania operates at the latest and highest standards. Option for buy-back or no buy-back at the contract termination with takeover of the integrated POS related services.





With effective monitoring (connectivity, technical error, fraud), we make it easier to operate a cash machine. We offer ATM management (balance enquiry; notifications, fraud management, reports), ATM monitoring (connectivity, technical error, anti burglary) & online monitoring alerts, various additional ATM services (contactless transaction, cash in, cash out, transfer operation, currency exchange, bill payment, barcode payment, ATM checker, cash-in deposit, balance inquiry, mini-statement, PIN change, screen development and 24/7 technical assistance, first level service with qualified staff). The ATM operations are done at the highest quality level, with EMV certification (Visa / Mastercard). Multi-currency and multi-language.


Complete ATM outsourcing services, from setup and installation to processes monitoring and optimization. In case of unpredictable damage or failure, we provide support by sending notifications to the bank, in order to immediately identify the defect. Option for buy-back or no buy-back at the contract termination, with takeover of the integrated ATM related services.