eCommerce Solutions



We offer financial institutions complete ecommerce solutions: enrolling their merchant customers in order to accept online payments, payment processing services, virtual POS, tokenization and authentication, switching & clearing and complete 3D Secure V2 services, PSD2 compliant.


We offer a modern system for switching and clearing, with multiple functionalities: complete and flexible transactions, complete authorization processing, transaction security via HSMs, acceptance and issuing services in accordance with PSD 2, various network interfaces such as Visa and Mastercard, bank interfaces, national and international.

The routing system is dynamic, flexible and configurable: multiple connections between banks, including Visa, Mastercard, any number of connections, routing fully configurable based on any business requirement, stand-in authorization, pass-through.





We offer complete 3D-Secure services for issuing and acquiring banks, verified by VISA/VISA Secured and Mastercard Secure Code / Mastercard Identity Check and AMEX Authentication.

The 3D Secure certification is performed by using MPI/3D Server testing platform for the acquiring banks & ACS testing platform for the issuing banks. The contracts with the virtual merchants are signed by the acquiring bank and the configuration of the 3D Secure interface between our platform and the merchant is performed by our platform. The platform is registering the 3D Secure configured merchants on Visa/Mastercard Directory Server. The e-commerce transactions are processed on behalf of the acquiring banks. Dual Servers in place for acquiring and issuing banks.

The 3D Secure 2.0 / 2.2 service offered by our company offers biometric authentication as well as fallback (2FA).

The version 2.0 of the 3D Secure protocol supports the transmission of important data during transactions, making possible risk-based decisions for authentication or not. The consumer experience is simplified and improved by eliminating the initial registration process.


SCA (Strong Customer Authentication): it ensures that the electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments. SCA adds new information in the authentication process, either based on biometry or through dynamic password sent by SMS (OTP) together with the 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA) – a personal static password known only by the customer.

Our company offers a flexible way in establishing the static password, with the client possibility to change it or reset in in case the password is forgotten.

Biometry: The biometric authentication offers the highest level of security. Issuers can offer cardholders the opportunity to use biometric authentication (fingerprint, facial recognition) when conducting an e-commerce transaction. Push notification to cardholder through the mobile application are available, that informs about the transaction that requires authentication and authorization.

RBA (Risk Based Authentication): RBA authentication allows real-time monitoring of authentications and generates “frictionless” authentications, without additional authentication, or „challenge” authentication, with additional authentication, depending on the parameters / rules set by the beneficiary through web interface. A flexible module analyzes customer behavior, through configurable rules, and allows automatic real-time authentication (frictionless) or request a type of cardholder authentication (OTP, Push Notifications, Biometrics etc.), before the transactions are sent to the bank for authorization and / or settlement.


We offer our partners the money transfer service P2P (Person to person) that allows real-time money transfers, national and international. The transfers are possible between the cards of one payment system, such as Visa-Visa or Mastercard-Mastercard, as well as between the cards from different payment systems, such as Visa-Mastercard or Mastercard-Visa.

This secured service can be easily integrated into the digital wallets.



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