40 years anniversary for SIBS!

In the dynamic world of business, reaching the 40-year mark is not only an anniversary, but also an affirmation of constant innovation and commitment. This year, SIBS celebrates four decades of excellence, a significant journey marked by exceptional achievements, development in sustainability and dedication to excellence.

Over these 40 years, SIBS has established a strong presence as a leader in the financial field. Our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services, along with constant adaptation to industry changes, has cemented our position as the preferred option for our customers.

Since its foundation until now, SIBS has marked many notable achievements, starting from the establishment of the national network of Multibanco ATMs, to the launch of the first mobile payment and transfer solution, and continuing with the development of the most comprehensive mobile wallet, the first to allowed instant payments, until the inauguration of the first bank and non-bank cards with Braille inscriptions. SIBS has proven to be a reliable partner in providing advanced payment solutions.

This anniversary is not only a reflection of the past, but also a look to the future. In an era of rapid change and continuous innovation, SIBS remains committed to excellence and willing to tackle future challenges with the same enthusiasm and determination.

Cheers to 40 years of excellence!