A new partnership for the Soft POS solution from SIBS Romania

SIBS Romania implemented together with OTP Bank the tap-on solution Soft Pos from SIBS, under the name OTP POSibil, a solution that transforms NFC-compatible Android devices into payment terminals for contactless payments.

The Soft POS solution offered by SIBS Romania, based on the latest tap-on-phone technology, allows financial institutions to offer their merchant customers the opportunity to accept payments made by card or other digital means without investing in hardware terminals.

The solution has maximum payment security, with a level of protection and encryption in accordance with VISA and Mastercard security standards, and is also certified for the OnGlass PIN function.

OTP Bank, by launching the OTP POSibil solution, becomes the third partner of SIBS Romania that implements our tap-on-phone Soft POS solution and chooses to make this technology available to customers.