Useful information for Partners

ATM Multibanco, one of the most secure ATM networks in Europe, is looking for Partners.

SIBS is looking to increase the ATM MULTIBANCO network in areas that attract a large number of tourists and Romanian nationals, well located on typically high traffic areas.

The ATM Multibanco network is based on partnerships between SIBS and Partners (different type of merchants from small shops to big supermarkets, other profiles in a variety of business activities), allowing, through the installation of an ATM MULITBANCO, to promote a higher visibility of Partners’ shops / brands, thus bringing more customers and profitability to the Business.

SIBS Romania is responsible for the:

  • installing / uninstalling the ATMs
  • technical assistance
  • other operating costs related to the terminals
  • security management
  • monitoring services (24/7)

The Partner merchants have to:

  • provide an optimal location for the ATM and enable its correct signage and lighting
  • allow access to assistance and cash supply technicians
  • maintain the site, ensuring that the space remains clean and bright

All ATMs are equipped with the latest physical security systems and the ATM network offers a high level of technical availability.

Upon termination of the contract, SIBS Romania is responsible for leaving the space in the conditions in which it was presented at the installation of the ATM.


  • Meet the Partner

  • Site survey for the Partner's location

  • Establish the best ATM location at site

  • Approve Partner's location

  • Sign the contract

  • Install the ATM at location

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