SIBS Romania, partner at Banking 4.0. conference

SIBS Romania is constantly pursuing innovation, so we are excited to have been joining again Banking 4.0 conference, an event that addresses topics that reflect the latest trends in banking and fintech. At the event, Hugo Araujo – CEO SIBS Romania joined the “New trends in payments, security and fraud prevention” panel, as speaker.

The panel focused on some of the most current topics in the banking and financial sector, as well as how innovations come with both greater opportunities and a greater need for risk management.

During the discussion, Hugo Araujo, along with the other panelists addressed topics such as the impact the pandemic has had on improving the digitization of payments and accelerating the transition from traditional to cashless payments, the growth of e-commerce, the future of virtual cards and wallets, and the need to integrate modern payment solutions such as SoftPOS.

In addition to the opportunities that modern payment solutions offer to banks, merchants and end users, Hugo Araujo also addressed the need to raise awareness of the importance of fraud prevention solutions to address the new threats that have emerged with the accelerated digitalization of payments.

Thank you to all who participated in this panel and joined us for a glimpse into the future of payments!